Audrey Bryant


Audrey Bryant educates our riders and horse owners on holistic equine health. She is an equine hoofcare professional and founder of Sound Horse Solutions, which provides holistic consultations, equine remedies, electrodermal screenings, health care kits, and educational workshops. Audrey also mentors for Equine Soundness, an international hoof care school based out of the US, the UK, Sweden, and Australia. It provides holistic barefoot trimming education for horse owners and professionals.

Audrey is equally proactive in optimizing her personal health. She is a trail runner, CrossFitter, certified personal trainer, and nutritionist. She is an amazing resource to have at Freedom Farm, and is happy to answer any of your questions.

For more information about Audrey’s work at Freedom Farm, visit our Equine Health page or contact her directly.

Phone: (360) 797-3760
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