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Jerry Schmidt


Jerry is a second generation farmer, and has been in the cow business for 35 years. When he met Mary in 1994, she introduced him to the equine world and natural horsemanship. Jerry grasped the latter a very short time, due to his calm way of being, and deep understanding of herd dynamics and prey animal behavior. That was just the beginning of his journey into further study of natural methods of horse handling and health care.

“Growing up in Washington State on a family farm working with hundreds of cows every day has taught me patience.”

Jerry has a keen sense for balance and also has a knack for fixing anything. There is a saying around the farm that "If Jerry can't fix it, it can't be fixed," which holds true for equipment and horses. Jerry often works with horses untied and unrestrained, using only his hands and a few tools. His excellent natural horse handling skills and calm confidence keep horses relaxed and trusting.

Jerry is an instructor and mentor for Equine Soundness. He also grows all the hay for the Farm's horses in the surrounding fields, and consults on diet and holistic health for the herd. He has a strong and peaceful presence that horses, animals, and humans feel and respond to. Jerry co-owns Freedom Farm with his wife, Mary Gallagher.

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