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Jessica Crouch


Jessica is an advanced and versatile natural horsemanship trainer. She works as a private instructor and teaches classes for The Hoof Beats Junior Riding Program at Freedom Farm. She specializes in foundations: starting colts, working with green or newly purchased horses, and solving problems. Jess is dedicated to building a well-adjusted horse and developing clear communication in the rider to create a deeper understanding between the two.

Jess trains according to a horse’s individual needs to work on solid foundations in a calm and stress free environment. Her training recognizes that understanding the horse mentally and emotionally is crucial to any form of development.

“My passion is building the TRY in a horse so you can ask them to do anything, and they offer it willingly.”

Jess invites owners to view training sessions and encourages owners to take part so that they can continue the horse's education themselves.

“I usually work through a problem with the horse, and then immediately have the horse owner work with the horse, so they understand how to help the horse themselves the next time.”


Trail Training Sessions
This unique training and conditioning for the horse emphasizes concepts outside of the arena, where they are taught and developed on various local trails. This is fun for the horse and further balances his skills and versatility. These sessions also offer insight into what is needed on the trail that can be prepared for in the arena.


Jess and her daughter Hannah also school and exercise Farm horses, and can often be found supervising lively liberty work in the arena. (Hanna is pictured in red hat and shirt, below.)

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