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Mary Gallagher


Mary’s fascination with horses began at the age of six and has never ceased. She is a versatile trainer and clinician, combining her knowledge of show jumping and natural horsemanship to reach new dimensions of balance and communication between rider and horse. Mary has ridden for world renowned instructors, trained with Olympic riders, and personally hosted A rated shows in Washington State, all while adopting and developing principles of natural horsemanship. She has a lifetime of knowledge, experience, and  passion for horses and horsemanship. Her personal instruction and clinics emphasize connection, communication, and cooperation.

Mary is a strong believer that health, fitness, and body awareness play a big part in how we relate to our horses. In her teaching, Mary integrates her knowledge of traditional and natural horsemanship with personal health and fitness, conveying the many elements of balance and com­munication to her students.

“I love helping riders break down communication barriers between themselves and their horses.”

Inspiring riders to get out of their comfort zone to find purpose with their horse through jumping, dressage, competition, cow working, and natural horsemanship opens doors to for both rider and horse.


“As we build a relationship with our horse, we find that what is holding us back is ourselves.”


Mary believes that horsemanship includes responsibility for all aspects of horse health maintenance; she trims her own horses' feet, partnering with renowned barefoot trimmer Jerry Schmidt, and encourages her students to learn and practice this skill.

“I try to take the best of what I have experienced, and share it with my students and horses. I love how challenges engage the horse, and awaken the human desire to enhance our existence and communicate with each other."

Horsemanship and health have become the foundations of Mary's teaching program, and all students have a solid base in natural horsemanship before moving on to jumping, dressage and competition. Mary co-owns Freedom Farm with her husband, Jerry Schmidt.


Phone: (360) 457-4897                 

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