Mary Tulin



Mary Tulin arrived at Freedom Farm in late 2012 as a new student and returnee to riding after 35 years. She and her husband Kip enjoyed being around the Farm so much that they started snapping photos, which needed somewhere to go, so Mary began creating Google photo albums, and eventually took over managing our newsletter and Facebook page. Videos, both educational and spontaneous, soon followed. The next iteration of our website was inevitable, and is one more step on our path to sharing Freedom Farm's eclectic approach to natural horsemanship with the world! We appreciate Mary and Kip for sharing their good energy and talents!


Mary has also taken up our 'get fit to ride' challenge ("I probably would not have taken the fitness thing this far for myself," she says, "But anything for my horse!") and joins us in our Saturday and Monday morning riders' bootcamps at AnyTime Fitness.


You can find Mary, Kip, and her horse Magnum participating in classes and having fun helping out around the Farm.


She's glad to help with any issues around our social media. It's a growth area for us, so we're glad to hear from you!


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